Incident management use case: Harnessing transportation insights to navigate the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse

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    Curbing transportation hazards with SS4A funding and intelligent transportation insights

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    ITD Cooperative Agreement Grant: Adopting innovative transportation technologies for equity, sustainability and advancement

    A notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) to help qualifying organizations pursue innovative transportation technologies is available in the US.

    CMV safety grant: Building and enhancing transportation infrastructure on a national scale

    The FY 2024 notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) aims to help qualifying entities adopt new technologies that enhance commercial motor vehicle safety.

    Exploring commercial truck parking challenges and solutions at Geotab Connect 2024

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    Trucks leaving the cargo area of the Port of Miami ready to deliver

    Altitude and the art of what’s possible: An overview of the product developments and releases at Connect 2024

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    Planning of truck electrification infrastructure using emerging telematics data

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    CPRG environmental grant funding available for eligible organizations

    The EPA commissions two competitive environmental grant programs. The respective application deadlines are April 1, 2024 and May 1, 2024