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High quality data-driven insights at your fingertips. Devise efficient city and state-wide transportation plans, monitor their effectiveness and intervene when needed.

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Altitude is a data-rich platform powered by aggregate insights from connected vehicles and state-of-the-art AI. It unlocks deep and nuanced insights into a wide range of transportation initiatives. Here’s how our customers apply Altitude to their transportation challenges.

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Freight Infrastructure

Dive deep into the dynamic influences behind commercial freight vehicle movement within and across regions. Get a clear picture of how corridors, highway traffic and hubs of interest impact performance when making cross-region journeys and last-mile deliveries.

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Street Safety & Efficiency

Get a deep understanding of the factors that impact the performance of your city or region’s traffic routes, parking, congestion, flow and safety. Discover key contributors and use these insights to continuously monitor, measure and improve transportation where it counts.

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Preparing your city, states and grid providers for the future starts with clear, reliable data. To better understand traffic on your roads and highways, it’s crucial to take a data-informed approach and quickly arm yourself with the information you need to take the next step in making your region safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.

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Use the products within the Altitude platform to identify, analyze and solve your unique transportation scenarios.

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  • Analyze congestion and turning movement patterns.
  • Characterize the efficiency of traffic signal timing and phasing to reduce split failures.
  • Break down corridor travel times by intersection dwell time vs. inter-intersection speed to develop better corridor progression plans.

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  • Analyze speed and travel time by road segments or custom zones.
  • Evaluate bottlenecks and understand how and when they occur.
  • Understand how efficiently goods move through your jurisdiction.
  • Monitor the impact of events and effectiveness of traffic interventions on speed and travel-time metrics.

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Origin & Destination
  • Understand where you have higher demands for commercial versus consumer trips.
  • Gain granular insight into aggregate freight activity including vehicle class, vocation and industry.
  • Combine individual trips into a more comprehensive picture of vehicles’ true journey origins and destinations, independent of intra-trip rest stops.

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