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High quality data-driven insights at your fingertips. Devise efficient city and state-wide transportation plans, monitor their effectiveness and intervene when needed.

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Altitude is a data-rich platform powered by aggregate insights from connected vehicles and state-of-the-art AI. It unlocks deep and nuanced insights into a wide range of transportation initiatives. Here’s how our customers apply Altitude to their transportation challenges.

Photograph taken from above of New York City

Traffic planning

Understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind journeys to design better routes and policies. What are the true origins and destination of these journeys, independent of rest stops? What industries and vehicle classes are moving goods? Uncover these insights to build a contextualized understanding of the demand behind your traffic network.

Photograph showing red traffic lights through a rain-covered windshield

Traffic signalling

Characterize how different vehicle types and classes affect signal and corridor performance. Isolate the key contributors to congestion – from longer queue lengths, through slower starts and stops, to split failures causing longer travel times. Use these insights to improve your traffic signal timing plans and Level of Service.

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Traffic engineering

Uncover speed and travel time metrics within your city’s neighborhoods through visual origin-destination flows. Drill down to road level to see effectiveness for heavy duty vehicles, light duty last-mile vehicles and more. Continuously monitor, measure and improve traffic flow to ensure goods and services are delivered on time, everytime.

Aerial photograph of a highway bridge in Germany

Economic development

Connect the dots between commercial trip activity and economic indicators. How has industry closure in a town impacted commercial activity? Is a specific industry in your state experiencing positive or negative growth? Analyze these factors within the context of macro-scale commercial transportation insights to inform better policy development, stimulus funding and more.

Aerial photograph of trucks at a distribution warehouse

Parking planning

Stay ahead of demand as the explosion of urban and suburban door-to-door deliveries create fierce competition for one of your scarcest resources – curbspace. Learn about when and where commercial curbside deliveries are happening and create policies to streamline deliveries while minimizing surface congestion.

Aerial photograph of trucks in the parking lot of a distribution warehouse

Freight bottlenecks

Discover how your transportation networks affect your supply chain’s performance. Learn about dwell times at major ports of activity, border crossings and other hubs of interest. Leverage Altitude’s popular routes technology to identify aggregate key commercial routes and associated performance metrics – then monitor and take incisive action when bottlenecks occur.

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Use the products within the Altitude platform to identify, analyze and solve your unique transportation scenarios.

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  • Analyze congestion and turning movement patterns.
  • Characterize the efficiency of traffic signal timing and phasing to reduce split failures.
  • Break down corridor travel times by intersection dwell time vs. inter-intersection speed to develop better corridor progression plans.

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  • Analyze speed and travel time by road segments or custom zones.
  • Evaluate bottlenecks and understand how and when they occur.
  • Understand how efficiently goods move through your jurisdiction.
  • Monitor the impact of events and effectiveness of traffic interventions on speed and travel-time metrics.

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an icon to represent the origin and destination of a journey

Origin & Destination
  • Understand where you have higher demands for commercial versus consumer trips.
  • Gain granular insight into aggregate freight activity including vehicle class, vocation and industry.
  • Combine individual trips into a more comprehensive picture of vehicles’ true journey origins and destinations, independent of intra-trip rest stops.

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