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Safety and flow, driven by data


Improve citywide transportation safety and mobility with individual and multi road analysis.

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Altitude + Roads

How does it work?

Altitude combines Geotab ITS’s leading commercial vehicle and freight data with open-sourced street data. Get an expansive and granular picture of your road traffic flow—from individual segments to combined streets. And dive into municipality and citywide road traffic data to create more efficient vehicle flow and minimize accidents.

Take control of traffic flow

Analyze and remove pivotal factors behind inefficient traffic flow and road accidents.



Get smarter speed analytics to improve traffic flow and create safer roadways. View vehicle speed over a selection of segments or custom defined geographic zones. Observe trends against posted speeds to identify anomalies in specific times and areas.


Travel Time

Analyze geographies of interest and uncover detailed travel time metrics by selecting road segments. Delve into these metrics by vehicle types to determine how efficiently your roads operate individually and collectively.

Features and tools

How Roads can help

Roads can be accessed through our Altitude platform. It’s packed with features and tools that can help you get closer to transportation data.

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Here are three common use cases.

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the product interface for Geotab's Roads product
the product interface for Geotab's Roads product


Analyze the impact of traffic interventions

Evaluate the effectiveness of specific interventions (such as traffic calming measures) by examining speed and travel time metrics pre and post-intervention along specific roads of interest.


Evaluate backups and bottlenecks

Discover traffic anomalies and patterns by diving into temporal and vehicular analysis. Uncover the causes of transportation blockages and take targeted and incisive action.


Understand vehicle types on roads of interest

Get to know the make up of vehicles on your roads. Apply specific vehicle filters to uncover insights such as the volume of heavy duty vehicles on bridges or the need for changes to your city’s master truck plan based on real-world usage.

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