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The transportation analytics platform that enables better people and goods movement. Powered by deep and scalable transportation data.

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How does it work?

In a nutshell…

Altitude is fueled by millions of connected vehicle insights that help you inform smarter city planning and operations. Understand contextualized people and goods movement behaviors and create safer, more efficient and more livable cities.


Insights from real-world trips

Use our leading transportation analytics platform to inform accurate and reliable insights based on observed, real-world journeys instead of modelled representations.


Context behind movement

Understand the key facets affecting vehicle journeys. Get the full context behind vehicle movement, including true origin and destination, journey purpose and more.


Scalable insights across the US

Use our scalable privacy-compliant analytics tool to highlight actionable insights anywhere in the US and Canada. Our easy-to-use, click-and-drag curated style analytics and APIs let you integrate insights into your own transportation platform.

Our three products

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Origin & Destination
  • Understand where you have higher demands for commercial versus consumer trips.
  • Gain granular insight into aggregate freight activity including vehicle class, vocation and industry.
  • Combine individual trips into a more comprehensive picture of vehicles’ true journey origins and destinations, independent of intra-trip rest stops.

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Stop Analytics
  • Discover the impact of commercial vehicle parking by on efficiency and safety of roadways. View what types of vehicles are parking in any area of interest. 
  • Understand how parking patterns change by hour or month. Assess whether policy changes are having the desired effect.  
  • Leverage a variety of geographic aggregation methods, user defined criteria and percentiles, and vehicle characteristic filters, to get the data you want.

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  • Analyze speed and travel time by road segments or custom zones.
  • Evaluate bottlenecks and understand how and when they occur.
  • Understand how efficiently goods move through your jurisdiction.
  • Monitor the impact of events and effectiveness of traffic interventions on speed and travel-time metrics.

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Macro and micro level analysis

The full data picture

Whether you’re examining a corridor that spans several states, or zooming into transportation behaviors at a specific intersection, our Altitude platform gives you the rich insights you need to make informed decisions.

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the product interface for Geotab's Roads product
the product interface for Geotab's Roads product

Our commitment to privacy

Protecting what matters

Data is the lifeblood of our business and protecting individuals’ privacy is our number one priority. That’s why every insight produced by our platform is aggregated and passed through a complex series of privacy filters.

Altitude is built on Privacy by Design (PbD) principles. And we employ data privacy best practices through controls like privacy impact assessments, ethical data practices, and motivated intruder attacks both internally and by trusted third parties. These controls apply to all of the data insights we release.

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