A bit about us…

We’re Geotab ITS

We generate the insights you need to make smarter decisions about city and statewide transportation planning and management.

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Our mission

The search for meaning

We help transportation leaders find meaning in their commercial vehicle data. Meaning that translates into sustainable traffic flow and a better citizen experience.

Our team of data science, AI, software engineering and user experience specialists has one purpose – helping transportation data stakeholders understand and act on the context behind their traffic data.

We aggregate interconnected insights so you can make informed decisions for safer, more sustainable and efficient transportation systems.

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Our story

Where we hail from

We’re a global team of data scientists and experts specializing in how connected vehicles interact with transportation networks.

And we spend an almost unhealthy amount of time thinking about how to extract practical insights from connected vehicle data.

Not that we’re embarrassed about that: this dedication has allowed us to grow Geotab’s connected vehicle platform from a small family business to a world-leader in fleet management, tracking over 50 billion vehicle records a day.

Geotab Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is our latest platform, designed to uncover deeper and richer transportation insights. 

We’re applying the same focus on scalability and simplicity that’s brought success for our customers and partners in fleet management to the transportation analytics market.


We’re always looking for talented, interesting and passionate people to join the team. Check out the jobs on offer and find out if we’re right for you.

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