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Insight to support your instinct

Use our transportation insights to support your recommendations and validate your hypotheses.

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Add context to your transportation projects

Get the full picture of what’s on the roads and why. Then use ground truth insights to answer municipalities’ biggest transportation questions.

We’re here to help you provide compelling answers to your most complex transportation-based challenges. We provide the granular insights that help you understand the ‘what’ and ‘why’ and develop even more nuanced and sophisticated solutions.

50bn data points

It all starts with the right data.

Our Altitude platform houses one of the largest and richest vehicle datasets on the planet. So whether you need to zoom in on a specific intersection, or understand the bigger picture, we can help.

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Breadth and depth

The value of our insights lies in their specificity. We bring critical context to the key purposes behind trips on our roads, with the detail needed to make more actionable decisions.

You can easily ingest our leading transportation insights. Uncover critical supply chain trends and anomalies, and develop strategies to prioritize the movement of goods within specific industries.

Bring all of this information together and you can answer almost any transportation-related query.

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