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Stop Analytics

Understand where and why vehicles are parking and how to appropriately plan for these stops with Altitude’s Stop Analytics.

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ALTITUDE + stop analytics

How does it work?

Our data is aggregated transparently and consistently to offer the most accurate custom reporting possible for your parking planning needs.  The simplified, flexible Altitude platform helps public and private entities distinguish between vehicle stops and parking patterns on individual roads, within zones of interest or across national highways. Plan for safer roadways, placement of electric vehicle infrastructure and more efficient curbside management.

Rich commercial vehicle data

Data analysts and transportation planners need access to 100% commercial parking data that facilitates confident decision-making for infrastructure needs and future mobility policies. Altitude’s flexible geographic aggregation provides contextual information like class, vocation, industry and fuel type to paint a complete picture of commercial vehicle stops. Benefit from understanding where, when, why and how long these vehicles are parked. Gain comprehensive insights spanning heavy-duty truck parking to curbside usage with access to stopping patterns from a range of 100% commercial vehicles.

Features and tools

How Stop Analytics can help

Stop Analytics can be accessed through our Altitude platform and the data unlocks key insights for transportation planning and decision making.

Here are three common use cases.


Truck Parking

With drivers needing to comply with Hours of Service regulations, locating a safe stop on time can be challenging. As a result, drivers are often forced to park on the shoulder of the highway, resulting in unsafe situations for both themselves and other motorists. Use stop analytics to support creating safer parking opportunities for drivers. Identify where trucks are parking along highway networks while gaining an understanding of how long trucks are parked for and at what times of day.


Corridor Electrification

Pinpoint where majority of vehicles are stopping along highway corridors to uncover where potential electric vehicle charging infrastructure would be best placed. Determine how long and how far vehicles travel between rest stops to understand EV range requirements. Gain insights for capacity planning to see how many new charging stations are needed, how to optimize underperforming stations and assess efficiencies of areas such as loading docs, rest stops, etc.


Curbside Management

Leverage the benefit of 100% commercial data. Track the movement of light and medium-duty commercial vehicles using vocation models like door-to-door, so you can classify last-mile deliveries and more. Explore parking activity to analyze the impact on curbside usage. Dive into what types of commercial vehicles are using those curbs and their purpose to build efficient curbside usage programs for city, state, and overall infrastructure planning.

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