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A to B and everything in between

Origin & Destination

Understand the true purpose of trips on your roads through comprehensive insights into aggregate freight activity.

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Altitude + Origin & Destination Analysis

How does it work?

Altitude helps DoTs understand the nature of commercial vehicle and freight activity on their roads. From vehicle purpose to aggregate route analysis, you can examine key behaviors affecting freight corridors across the US and Canada. Zoom into Geotab ITS’ underlying transportation data to understand the nuances influencing commercial vehicle journeys across areas of any size. Then make key infrastructure and policy decisions with confidence.

Zoom in and zoom out

Discover how vehicles interact with your journey corridors, including specific elements like intersections or onramps. Equally, you can zoom out and see the bigger picture to view freight and goods movements between city, municipality and state borders.

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Features and tools

How Origin & Destination can help

Origin & Destination can be accessed through our Altitude platform. It’s packed with features and tools that can help you get closer to transportation data.

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Here are three common use cases.

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the product interface for Geotab's Origin & Destination product
the product interface for Geotab's Origin & Destination product


Analyze custom journeys

Understand the true journeys of vehicles from beginning to end. Apply filters to hone in on specific journeys for insights such as turning movement patterns and entry/exit point usage – then create exacting and data-driven infrastructure solutions.


Understand trip characteristics

Find out how commercial vehicle journeys affect your region on a macro and micro scale (and how your infrastructure supports commercial vehicles). Analyze key services like last-mile delivery and curbside pickup to uncover traffic hotspots.


Delve into popular routes

Understand popular routes to and from specific points and of interest. For example, examine popular routes from ports and associated travel-time metrics and dwell times to understand potential freight bottlenecks.

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