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    Altitude’s dynamic potential highlighted at the Contextualized Freight and Mobility Data Workshop in Atlanta

    The Geotab ITS team offered valuable hands-on training at our Contextualized Freight and Mobility Data event.


    Gardiner Traffic Slowdowns Are Impacting Business Productivity, Geotab ITS Analysis Reveals

    Construction on the Gardiner in Toronto is impacting driving time emissions. See the results of our study on commercial vehicles.


    From freight data to streamlined travel: Expansion factors’ role in defining regional transportation trends

    Learn more about expansion factors with Geotab ITS and how they enable organizations to enhance their transportation networks.


    What is traffic data analysis and how does traffic data collection influence state freight plans?

    A traffic data analysis is a detailed study of connected vehicle data or other sources of information like station counts or pneumatic tube data.


    Shape the future of road safety & traffic insights with the Altitude Beta Participation program

    Our goal is simple: to provide you with the tools and insights you need to drive positive change in your organizations and communities.


    Exploring scaled, data-based electrification efforts in North America

    Our Connect session on commercial fleet electrification demonstrated how insights are helping states add more sustainable infrastructure.


    What is connected vehicle data and why is it important for understanding total vehicle movement?

    Connected vehicle data is information reported from a car’s built-in technologies or a plugged-in vehicle hardware device.

    Aerial shot of Memphis, Tennessee, looking across the ramp of the Hernando de Soto Bridge towards the downtown skyline with dramatic storm clouds behind.


    Inside our freight and fleet data ecosystem: Cultivating evolved partnerships at Connect 2024

    Viewpoints on how transportation analytics can help proliferate highly sustainable cities, regions, and states across North America.


    Incident management use case: Harnessing transportation insights to navigate the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse

    Learn about how traffic and connected vehicle data can help organizations formulate more effective incident management plans.