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    Navigating the path to freight electrification with our partners at Rocky Mountain Institute

    Check out Geotab ITS data in action on RMI’s new electric trucking dashboard.

    Aerial photograph of busy traffic on a Los Angeles highway at night


    A vehicle’s purpose: Providing vocation insights to transportation planners

    Understanding how transportation planners can use vehicle vocation information for meaningful analysis.


    The Ray and Geotab ITS Partner to Launch Freight Electrification Clinic

    The Ray and Geotab ITS have partnered to showcase the capability of data analysis to guide the build out of zero-carbon fueling stations for medium and…



    Drawing outside the lines: The new Stop Cluster feature breaks down zoning boundaries

    New Stop Cluster feature allows for custom analysis into where vehicles are truly stopping without the constraints of pre-defined shapes or zones.


    Cambridge Systematics to Partner with Geotab ITS to Develop LOCUS Truck: A New Freight Planning and Analytics Tool 

    Cambridge Systematics (CS) announced its partnership with Geotab ITS, a Geotab business unit providing actionable, real-world aggregate insights to improve…


    Connected vehicle data vs. Location-based service data

    Are all vehicle location data created equal? Find out how the data collection method can impact traffic analysis and transportation infrastructure…


    Advancing state freight plans with a cutting edge commodity flow database

    A partner success story of how a combined commodity flow database from Geotab ITS and S&P Global helped WSP develop an advanced state freight plan for Rhode…

    semi trailers lined up in a vertical and angular pattern


    Addressing the parking gap for commercial vehicles

    Analyzing parking behavior of heavy-duty trucks along highway networks in the U.S.


    Geotab Intelligent Transportation Systems introduces Stop Analytics for safer and sustainable road networks

    Geotab ITS today announced the launch of Stop Analytics, a powerful data analytics module that offers aggregate commercial vehicle parking insights.