Expansion Factors: Accurate estimates for commercial traffic volume

Compiling 50 billion data points covering more than 25 million trips daily, Geotab ITS has been delivering insightful transportation analytics using these massive volumes of connected vehicle data. Now we’ve taken things a step further and allowed for even more comprehensive views into total commercial vehicle movement using expansion factors.


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Download the whitepaper and explore:


  • How thoroughly vetted expansion factors have allowed for more comprehensive traffic volume calculations at scale
  • The complete data methodology and summary of testing results for arriving at these expansion factors 
  • Correlations of these expansion factors with datasets provided by the Federal Highway Administration

What’s inside

Overall correlation of Geotab ITS expansion factors remains high to accurately scale commercial traffic volume to population commercial volumes across the U.S. In the process, we developed traffic insights that represent a more comprehensive view of all vehicle movement on roadways and geographic areas of interest.

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