Applying contextual data insights for EV charging infrastructure

In partnership with the National Grid and leading transportation analytics organizations, we helped plan for the electric highway futures of Massachusetts and New York. Read the study for insights on how to plan for in demand charging infrastructure.


Photograph showing movement trails on a road in blue and red colors
Download the whitepaper and explore:


  • How medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle data can help plan for fast charging on highway corridors to reduce the future carbon footprint.
  • How to plan for meeting peak charging demand and the electric capacity required at specific sites
  • How to  identify the right sites and upgrades so you can build grid infrastructure once, and build it right.

What’s inside

“Data intelligence is key to the transformative decision making needed for the future of our planet. Our medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle data was used at an aggregate level to help pinpoint optimal areas for future charging infrastructure, said Nate Veeh, Sr. Business Development Manager, ITS at Geotab. In this whitepaper, we will share more insight on what we learned…”

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