semi trailers lined up in a vertical and angular pattern


Addressing the parking gap for commercial vehicles

The growing use of technology and shifting consumer behavior have permanently changed the freight industry, with trucks on the road at all times. The trucking dependency has brought awareness to gaps in commercial vehicle parking infrastructure.

This report dives into the impact of real-world heavy-duty truck parking on existing infrastructure. Discover how to use commercial vehicle insights to determine if current parking facilities are at capacity and how to build for the future of truck stops.


Download the whitepaper and explore:


  • An analysis of 30 high-stop motorway segments across the U.S. for where nearby parking infrastructure is available or not
  • A look at the average stop time, distance traveled pre and post-drive, as well as weekly and hourly breakdowns of truck stops
  • A post-analysis deep dive into where additional parking facilities are needed and which are at capacity

What’s inside

Accessing these insights into commercial vehicle parking allows state and regional transportation authorities to create well-informed strategies for developing new parking infrastructure. Where parking shortfalls present themselves, planners can now provide data-driven recommendations on how many additional spaces are needed and where.

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