Aerial photograph of busy traffic on a Los Angeles highway at night

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A vehicle’s purpose: Providing vocation insights to transportation planners

Making informed transportation decisions requires a deeper understanding of traffic patterns and anomalies. A contextual factor that plays an integral part in aiding these decisions is vocation – understanding not just traffic volume but the vehicle’s purpose on the road.

Vocation, along with other contextual insights, are a key part of the Geotab ITS Altitude platform. Use ITS data to understand why vehicles are on the road, enabling better decisions that enhance traffic flow and support commercial freight activity.


Download the white paper and explore:


  • How we used Machine Learning (ML) to classify vehicles based on their driving pattern automatically and then grouped the vehicles into one of five vocation classifications
  • How transportation planners can use vehicle vocation data to make more informed and balanced decisions 
  • Why combining vocation data with trip metrics and origin and destination analyses can lead to valuable insights

What’s inside

To create more efficient roadways, transportation planners are digging deep into traffic data to make informed decisions about their region’s infrastructure. Learn how vocation classifications contribute to this by allowing for deeper and more valuable insights into why a vehicle is on the road and what that means for traffic patterns and anomalies.

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