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New contract utilizes Geotab ITS’ commercial fleet and freight data to optimize state and local infrastructure planning for safer and more efficient road networks

Washington, DC – January 8, 2024 – Geotab Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), a Geotab business unit providing governments and organizations with actionable, real-world insights to improve their transportation networks, today announced a new contract with the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). As members of the Eastern Transportation Coalition (TETC), the State of Georgia DOT and ARC selected Geotab ITS as their commercial vehicle data provider to help inform costly infrastructure planning on the state and local agency level, optimizing road networks for enhanced safety and more efficient mobility. 

“Transportation patterns are in a constant state of flux, and leveraging data insights has become a critical factor in optimizing road networks for enhanced safety and efficiency in the movement of people and goods,” said Nate Veeh, Senior Business Development Manager, Intelligent Transportation Systems at Geotab ITS. “At Geotab ITS, our mission is to equip transportation professionals with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions about their transportation infrastructure. Our partnership with the TETC and the subsequent contract with the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Atlanta Regional Commission underpins this objective.” 

The contract will allow the Georgia DOT and the ARC full access to the Geotab ITS Altitude platform. This platform, powered by aggregate data from over 4 million connected commercial vehicles, offers a suite of modules that provide comprehensive insights into various aspects of transportation. These modules include Origin and Destination Data, which provides insights into commercial vehicle and freight activity patterns; Roads, a module that combines commercial vehicle and freight data with open-sourced street data to provide road traffic and volume data; and Stop Analytics, which provides insights to help distinguish between vehicle stops and parking patterns. By utilizing these modules, Georgia DOT and the ARC can generate the insights needed to update their models and make data-driven decisions about regional and statewide transportation planning to create a better experience for businesses and citizens. 

“Utilizing Geotab ITS’ commercial fleet and freight data will help enhance our Activity-Based Models, enabling us to plan our road networks more effectively,” said Guy Rousseau, Traffic Modeling Manager at the Atlanta Regional Commission. “The depth and accuracy of the data provided by Geotab ITS will allow us to make more informed decisions, ultimately leading to safer, more efficient transportation within our city. We anticipate this partnership will have a similar positive impact on other Metropolitan Planning Organizations across Georgia.”

Geotab ITS has established a partnership with the Eastern Transportation Coalition, serving as a vendor for its Transportation Data Marketplace project. Through this partnership, Geotab ITS provides origin-destination data and freight data using the Geotab ITS Altitude platform. This collaboration simplifies the process for member states and agencies, allowing them to select Geotab ITS as their data provider without the need for a lengthy request-for-proposal (RFP) process. Moreover, member states have the option to extend Geotab ITS’ services to local agencies and MPOs. Under the new contract, the Georgia DOT and ARC will facilitate access to the Geotab ITS services for agencies and cities across Georgia. This will equip them with the necessary data insights for more effective infrastructure planning and policy-making, leading to optimized transportation networks


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