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Turn transportation insights into city and statewide action

Rich commercial and consumer vehicle insights for smarter policy and infrastructure decisions.

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Unlock better transportations flow

Connect your region with smarter insights

Manage and act on your region’s transportation insights through one platform. Make smarter changes everywhere.

Find out how the Altitude Platform can help you unlock better outcomes across your city and state.

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Get to the root of transportation behaviors

Macro and micro oversight

Understand your big picture transportation challenges by unearthing the micro patterns and anomalies beneath them.

Take action based on millions of aggregated commercial and consumer vehicle movements.

Then use your deeper understanding to expose and resolve obstructions to transportation flow and parking across your jurisdiction.

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Turn real-world context into incisive action

Discover the new potential for smart transportation data that creates safe, efficient and sustainable city living.

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Your region interacts with and is shaped by thousands of vehicle interactions every single day. Find out how Altitude can help you address transportation-based challenges in the parts of your jurisdiction that have the biggest impact—for drivers and residents.

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