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A transportation agency’s guide to sourcing data funding

With so many funding options available to transportation agencies, and an overwhelming amount of information to sort through, it can be challenging to find the right ones for your agency. In this guide, we explore how to unlock federal funding, how states gain funding, and how local agencies can leverage funding through their state. Read on to discover a range of opportunities for your transportation agency to add to its data budget.


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  • How the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs act (IIJA) can empower transportation agencies looking to fund intelligent data.
  • Numerous FHWA, STIC and AID opportunities that may be available to you and your agency ahead of your next transportation project.
  • How applying for different types of pooled funding can help you unlock new opportunities.


What’s inside

“Through research and interviews with industry leaders from around the country we’ve gained a deep understanding of how different transportation agencies secure funding for their data and analytics projects and initiatives. In this guide, we’ll share a selection of what we’ve uncovered…”

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