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Contextualized transportation insights for smarter streets

Traffic patterns will likely be in a state of flux for years to come as we deal with the wake of the pandemic. Lockdowns, less commuter traffic and the rise of e-commerce have left transportation planners making major adjustments to manage these drastic shifts in commercial transportation. 

Discover why planners will require insight and context into not only traffic volumes, but how and why goods move in order to better plan for future transportation infrastructure and regulations to support these changes.


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  • Key pandemic-driven trends that have transformed commercial vehicle movement.
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  • How near real-time transportation analytics are helping to visualize and understand the large influx of commercial parking events.

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“In the unpredictable post-pandemic environment, static systems that only collect traffic information in set locations are inadequate for monitoring, planning and managing commercial door-to-door parking. Leaders need versatile, scalable solutions to gather vital data on how commercial traffic patterns are changing.”

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