Aerial photograph of traffic at an intersection in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Safe, fluid and efficient


Accurately characterize and improve intersection traffic flow with Altitude’s traffic insights.

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Photograph showing movement trails on a road in blue and red colors


How does it work?

Altitude helps traffic planners, engineers and signal technicians identify, analyze and improve intersection signal performance to create more fluid transportation corridors. Characterize and resolve bottlenecks to improve service level and throughput, while targeting specific vehicle types.

Maximize signal performance

Discover, analyze and improve intersection signal timing and phasing.


Signal Traffic

Use Altitude’s rich transportation data to manage signal light timing for better traffic flow. Get a comprehensive map-based view of signalized intersections and see how efficiency changes over time. Zoom into granular time intervals, play back traffic movement and understand key metrics for each turning movement pattern.


Signal Progression

Map out paths between intersections and evaluate metrics to determine their throughput efficiency. Analyze bottlenecks to inform how you improve signal timings for more fluid traffic through your city.

Features and tools

How Intersections can help

Intersections can be accessed through our Altitude platform. It’s packed with features and tools that can help you get closer to transportation data.

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Here are three common use cases.

Photograph taken from above of two trucks and a black car
the product interface for Geotab's Intersections product
the product interface for Geotab's Intersections product


Understand intersection characteristics

Quickly develop a deep understanding of how vehicles progress through your signalized intersections. Identify turning movement characteristics for visibility into corridor travel times and speeds, queue lengths, red light dwell times and more, all broken down by vehicle class.


Analyze signal synchronization efficiency

Gauge your corridors’ signal synchronization efficiency. Use space / time analysis to break down corridor travel times by intersection dwell time versus running speed. Then reevaluate your analysis to understand how effective your signal retiming efforts are.


Identify vehicle types

Understand the types of vehicles traveling through your intersections and build a deeper understanding of common vehicular patterns. Then make informed decisions to improve, maintain or adjust commercial traffic flow.

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